Our Chef Toggle

An extraordinary dining experience driven by a creative culinary mind is what propels Limelight to the forefront of the Chicago catering community. And it’s why guests feel like they are sitting down to a carefully crafted meal in one of Chicago’s world-renowned restaurants when they taste our cuisine.

Meet our acclaimed executive chef, Molly Brewe:

You’ve worked in well-known restaurants and have been a private chef for celebrities like Hugh Jackman. Why do you choose to work in catering?
I love the challenge. The scope of a catering team has to be extraordinary in order to pull off the wide array of events in any given week, from an intimate luncheon, wedding, or a gala for 2000. I have managed to put myself in some horrendous, wonderful, and completely bizarre professional situations over the years, and every experience has helped prepare me for the intensity of the catering world.

Have you always loved food?
Absolutely! My mother and Italian grandmother are both incredible cooks, so I grew up rolling gnocchi and baking rhubarb pies. I have a big family and we all love to eat; good food has always been an important part of our lives.

What inspires your culinary creativity?
There’s nothing better than bringing someone’s idea to life, whether it’s a client with a clear vision for their event or a local farmer dedicated to preserving heritage breeds. I love to travel, too, and find inspiration in the ordinary food options of different places. Despite eating exquisite seafood in nice restaurants all over Iceland, I was completely floored by the bar in my hotel that served jars of warm caviar mashed potatoes with each Viking beer. Doing little things well and with thought makes food awesome.

What is the largest number of people you have fed at one time and what did you serve them?
I served fried chicken lunch boxes to 2500 steel workers out of the back of a semi in Queens.

What do you do when you aren’t cooking?
I love to run! I try to do at least one marathon per year with an occasional obstacle race or mini triathlon. I’m currently training for a 6-man, 250 mile relay race this summer through the Appalachian mountains and then the Chicago marathon in the fall.

What three traits best describe you?
Passionate. Creative. Wildly optimistic.