We made pie charts…

but we got hungry and ate them

And we did out field research…

but it turns out, we're more city folk

And we learned the rules inside + out…

just so we could break them

Eat your heart out.

Food has the power to connect people, revitalize spirits, nourish souls and inspire ideas.

Our passion for food in all its glory fuels our search for the freshest ingredients, drives our creation of seasonal menus and provides our clients with outstanding epicurean experiences.

We embrace a socially responsible, farm to table approach, creating culinary magic with local and sustainable ingredients with a rooted belief in outstanding service, world class cuisine and an innovative spirit to always look for what is next.

Our Specialties

Our Commitments

Innovation is King

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for crafting unforgettable experiences, Limelight goes beyond the ordinary to create bespoke events that leave a lasting impression. From conceptualizing unique themes to incorporating cutting-edge design elements, we consistently push the boundaries of traditional catering, infusing each event with a sense of excitement and holy sh*t kinda magic moments. Our team of kitchen ninjas combine creativity with expertise, seamlessly blending culinary excellence with imaginative flair to transform any occasion into a masterpiece. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Limelight’s dedication to innovation ensures that every event we touch is truly extraordinary.

Seasonal Promise

At Limelight, we embrace the farm to table approach and provide an exquisite culinary experience that is also socially responsible. Local, fresh and sustainable foods not only taste better but also are better for every eco-system and diner alike! All ingredients will vary based on the freshness of seasonal ingredients hand-picked by our Executive Chef.

Dietary Accommodations

We are pros at accommodating your guests dietary requirements. The experience of every guest is important to us. For each event we offer Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free options. Additionally, while planning your event our Chef and Event Producer will give the attention needed to ensure we can accommodate any known specific dietary requirements for your guests.

Family Matters

We’ve got besties all over the Midwest that hook us up with the freshest ingredients to create a culinary experience like no other.

Next Door

La Colombe Coffee
Chicago, IL

Goose Island Brewery
Chicago, IL

Bennison’s Bakery
Evanston, IL

Green Youth Farm/Windy City Harvest Youth Farm
Glencoe, IL

Highland Baking
Highland Park, IL

Publican Quality Breads
Chicago, IL

Up the Road

Mint Creek
Stelle, IL

Phoenix Bean
Chicago, IL

Genesis Growers
St. Anne, IL

Spence Farm & Stewards of the Land
Fairbury, IL

Nichol’s Family Farm
Marengo, IL

Frillman Farms
Prairie View, IL

Around the Corner

Green Acres Farm & Produce
North Judson, IN

Capriole Family Farmstead
Greenville, IN

Iron Creek Organic Farm
La Porte, IN

We Revel In It All

Chicago Based; Unbound

Chicago Based; Unbound We love the authenticity of our city, and we strive to find the best quirks of each new place we come by. We can infiltrate any city, one party at a time.

Creative Services Team

Creative Services Team The masterminds that keep us ahead of the game, and constantly evolving. They’re bold and outrageous, in all the best ways.

Local Market Experts

Local Market Experts The beat on the street. The who, what, where, when, and everything in between. The best tour guide you’ve ever had.

Culinary Experts

Culinary Experts Food is a defining factor in the success of your events, which play a powerful part in supporting your brand, building relationships and establishing your culture.

The Logistics Team

The Logistics Team The people that make it happen. We create memories by enhancing the ‘bones’ of the event with unforgettable moments. Flawless execution; no surprises.

Full Engagement

Full Engagement We are committed to you, beginning to end. Why stop at branded material? Let’s engage all the senses, explore all avenues, and most importantly, make sure every experience is unforgettable.
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