Lazy Susan's
Always a Party, Never Proper
She Came, She Partied, and She Ate

A feast for the senses; it all started in a red-washed dim sum lounge where guests nibbled and sipped their way to the night’s main event and the lobby of Lazy Susan’s where they were taken to the table to dive into a 5-course meal followed by a little gambling and snacking on street food in our Macau casino. 干杯 

Menu Highlights

Ginger-Braised Pork Belly Eclairs // Shishito Popper with Bone Marrow Jam // Green Tea Smoked Scallop // Head-on Szechuan Prawns & Umami Butter // Banana Eggrolls // Thai Nachos


Limelight, Revel Global Events, Revel Decor, Frost, Erika DuFour